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Guitar Player December Letters to the editor; Guitaring; Questions; It’s New. VG condition, mailing label on back. VG condition, mail label back cover.. A Pro replies; Rusty Young: Steel symposium; Chuck Rainey: More sonic shapes; Bob Baxter: Constructing chords; Jerry Hahn: Rhythm changes; Jimmy Stewart: Transcribing from LP’s; Happy Traum:

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Guitar Player December Letters to the editor; Guitaring; Questions; It’s New. VG condition, mailing label on back. VG condition, mail label back cover.. A Pro replies; Rusty Young:

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Thursday, 11 October ; numbers listed! But before him came Big Mama Thornton’s version, which itself sold more than two million copies! Although released in , the original recording was actually made in Its release was delayed, however, because of Johnny Otis’s assertion that he should share in the authors’ rights. Although Thornton had the original, Elvis did not base his version on hers.

Rather, it would seem that he was heavily influenced by the performance of the number by Freddie Bell and The Bellboys, whom he saw during his first stint in Las Vegas. Indeed, Elvis used Bell’s lyrics, rather than those originally penned by Jerry Leiber. This recording was released as a single in April on Decca Hine, a British Methodist missionary. The number was originally a 9-verse poem called “O Store Gud” and was written in by Pastor Carl Boberg, inspired during a visit to a country estate in the south-east of Sweden, when he was caught in a huge thunderstorm which was followed by clear and brilliant sunshine and he then heard birds singing nearby.

The Ultimate Elvis Presley Playlist: 40 Essential Songs

Winter in Santa Fe finds few tourists but plenty of delights. Its cool-weather charms are considerable—browsing art galleries along Canyon Road, relaxing with a Pueblo mud bath at a day spa, gliding down precipitous slopes in the neighboring Sangre de Cristo mountains. Best of all, the often chaotic crowds have thinned by the time of northern New Mexico’s first frost, making this month an ideal time for a Santa Fe sojourn.

News > Obituaries DJ Fontana: Drummer who was the driving beat behind Elvis Presley. The drummer may have stayed hidden behind a curtain during his first live performance with The King, but for

Dating back to the s and opening its doors here in , the Hall got its start after hours in an art gallery, where the owner was inspired to give out-of-work New Orleans Jazz players a stage. The people of New Orleans responded with their attendance and donations, and the sessions began to take on a life of their own. It was this community response that created Preservation Hall as we know it today—a leader in music education, a beloved cultural touchstone and the undisputed headquarters of the magic that is New Orleans Jazz.

Get your jazz fix here: Maison is a great place to start, with lively music and dancing seven nights a week. The practice of allowing a Sabbath for slaves was a part of the French Code Noir and was a distinctly French practice—the English did not allow it. The celebrations drew visitors and onlookers from all over the country, and were essential to keeping African music traditions alive in New Orleans.

Knight encountered the energy of Congo Square while visiting the city. He wrote this now-famous quote: Architect Benjamin Latrobe, upon hearing slaves drumming and dancing in Congo Square in , famously described the experience in his journal this way: It is a dance of massive proportions. A dense crowd of dark bodies forms into circular groups—perhaps five or six hundred individuals moving in time to the pulsations of the music, some swaying gently, others aggressively stomping their feet.


Music of Denton, Texas The music culture that exists in Denton arose with the founding of the University of North Texas College of Music Jazz studies program in , the first of its kind in the country. In the last 20 years Denton’s vibrant and diverse music culture has grown beyond the collegiate world of UNT’s College of Music. Fort Worth[ edit ] From the s to the s, an independent label out of Fort Worth known as Bluebonnet recorded numerous albums of high-quality material by many pioneer artists in the country music and religious genres such as Bradley Kincaid , the Girls of the Golden West , Buddy Starcher , Yodelin’ Kenny Roberts , and many other country music and gospel pioneers, many of whom had been popular on radio in the first half of the 20th century.

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Print Article AA Houstonians have an attachment to Fitzgerald’s like no other nightclub or entertainment venue in the city’s history. Certainly readers of the Houston Press continually express an interest in the club disproportionate to its size, if not its history. Even something as mundane as a change in management at Fitz qualifies as news, something that is simply not true for many other venues in town, even much bigger ones.

We all witnessed that again early last month with the sudden departure of Lauren Oakes. After working as the club’s primary sound engineer under Pegstar , the Houston promoters who had been leasing Fitz since July , Oakes was appointed GM when Pegstar left to focus on building White Oak Music Hall, the multi-stage facility now under construction about two miles away on the banks of White Oak Bayou. A new group of investors quickly took over the Fitz lease and promised a thorough overhaul of the aging club, but differing opinions about the speed and scope of those renovations caused Transmission Entertainment, the Austin-based promoters who had agreed to act as primary booking agents for Fitz, to either back out of the deal or put it on hold last we heard, the club said negotiations were continuing ; either way, Oakes was gone shortly thereafter.

Related Stories Sara Fitzgerald Speaks: Things seem to have settled down somewhat in the past few weeks, but what happened was just the latest chapter of a story that dates back almost 40 years, and in some ways much longer than that. Besides the drama inherent in Houston’s most recognizable music venue — albeit one that has undergone a slew of aesthetic tweaks over the years — attempting to modernize enough to remain viable in an ever-more-competitive live-music market, the real story is how Houstonians feel very proprietary about the old club on White Oak Drive.

And why wouldn’t they?

Rockabilly Fans: Retro Fest Comes to the Lancaster Host Resort July th

Lynn Yaeger August 11, Take One: And what better place to begin than this quirky landmark? Oscar night was like a religious holiday in our house; my year-old dad still enjoys a spirited discussion about which is the better film, All About Eve or Sunset Blvd. Which is why I am having such a good time at Larry Edmunds, albeit minus Larry himself.

Sonny Fisher was one of several American rockabilly artists who had been unable to break out of their regional markets in the Fifties but greatly benefited from the upsurge of interest in the.

Door The difference is, on Houblog, I was the ankle-biter. I canont point to a single thing in the municipal discourse and say I definately had an impact on the discussion here. There are places that I think I may had an impact, but I don’t know. Regardless, such limited impact, if it exists, has been only to the discourse, and not to the policy or actions of the City of Houston.

In that regard, I probably achieve more in my actual job than I do blogging. So if I’m going to blog, I’ll blog about what I Door Cahyo Israeli Mom certainly therats and violence from the outside are almost always perceived as more horrific than when it comes from within. But if say the Israelis in the north decided to start killing off the Israelis in the south I think you’d find Israelis and Jews from all over having hissy fits.

Similarly, in Ireland there was strong internal criticism and screaming about the actions of the IRA. Car accidents fall into a different category because they are perceived as accidents, caused by bad driving Door.

Rockabilly Hall: Message Board

The competition was held on August 26, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He’s got the whole package: If you can not see him live, check out his video: He moves like Elvis, he looks like the older Elvis Elvis around and he sounds like Elvis.

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Brutus’ live performances reached a pinnacle with a sold out performance at Toronto’s Ontario Place. Bachman—Turner Overdrive is a Canadian rock group from Winnipeg, Manitoba, that had a series of hit albums and singles in the s, selling over 7 million albums in that decade alone. Their s catalogue included five Top 40 albums and six U. Top 40 singles ten in Canada. The band has sold nearly 30 million albums worldwide, and has fans affectionately known as “gearheads” derived from the band’s gear-shaped logo.

The Band was a Canadian-American roots rock group that originally consisted of Rick Danko bass guitar, double bass, fiddle, trombone, vocals , Levon Helm drums, mandolin, guitar, vocals , Garth Hudson keyboards, saxophones, trumpet , Richard Manuel piano, drums, baritone saxophone, vocals and Robbie Robertson guitar, vocals. The members of the Band first came together as they joined rockabilly singer Ronnie Hawkins’ backing group The Hawks one by one between and In , they separated from Hawkins, after which they toured and released a few singles as Levon and the Hawks and the Canadian Squires.

Rockabilly scene in Houston : houston

The celebration, August , will include performances by two of the King’s most famous backup singers, Darlene Love and Cissy Houston, and a launch event for his new gospel album, “Where No One Stands Alone,” which features a virtual duet with daughter Lisa Marie Presley. To get this party started, here are 40 of the best songs Elvis ever recorded. Elvis Presley’s rockabilly cover lives up to the title. Elvis seen here with his parents in recorded his version one night in July , and it caught the attention of Sun Records founder Sam Phillips, “Mystery Train” An early-Elvis classic written by Memphis blues singer Junior Parker, this B-side to the largely forgotten “I Forgot to Remember to Forget” became a surprise hit on Billboard’s country chart.

It was a rare Top 10 hit on three charts: All four are great, but year-old Elvis is the one who really shines.

This Is Us Star Chrissy Metz Is Dating Year-Old Composer Hal Rosenfeld. Matthew McConaughey Surprises Hurricane Harvey First Responders in Houston to Give Thanks. Matthew McConaughey marked National First Responders Day in a special way. Connect me to Facebook friends and artists on Myspace? You may already know people on Myspace.

There are no bridges on this island, but there are timeless connections. The cozy book store was one of our first stops. Book store owner Deb Wayman had a note for me. I had not seen Gwen in years. Her husband Lon Grahnke changed my life. Lon died on Sept. He was 56 years old. He loved Washington Island. Lon was editor of the Suburban Sun-Times when he hired me in He became the Sun-Times features editor and TV critic.


Elvis had been drawn to Locke’s church, First Assembly of God, because of his love of gospel music and the Blackwood Brothers Quartet, which sang at the church. On January 24, , Fourteen-year-old Dixie noticed Elvis at a church function and making sure he overhears, she made plans with a girlfriend to go roller-skating the following Saturday night.

He was a very shy person, but when he started singing he put so much into putting the music across that he kind of lost himself.

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And so in early September, columnist Sidney Fields headed down to Memphis to gather material for a series of articles in the Mirror. He didn’t get a chance to talk with Elvis, who was in Hollywood shooting Love Me Tender at the time, but Fields was able to get an extensive interview with Elvis’ parents, who invited him into the Presley home. What follows is a brief summary of the series’ first three parts, in which the Presleys revealed much about how they raised their son.

On first meeting Vernon and Gladys Presley, he was impressed with their closeness and honesty. Presley showed Fields their son’s room, the predominant feature of which was stuffed animals – teddy bears, pandas, elephants, monkeys, dogs – everywhere. He still does it. Last week he won a toy dump truck. It’s in the living room’. They sat down to talk in the living room, which Fields described as ‘mixed modern and traditional with a touch of gaudiness. He sent so many lamps home I had to store most of them away’.

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Francis Records S 78rpm St. It is at this faster pace that one can particularly see the reason why Sam Phillips was so taken with Howard’s music and so anxious to open negotiations with him about the possibility of recording of some secular music. I thought he was so good that I issued the record anyway”. Sam Phillips still vividly recalls Seratt, a crippled country gospel singer from Manila, Arkansas.

I never heard a person, no matter what category of music, could sing as beautifully.

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When an injury threatened his ability to play the guitar, Jon taught himself to play in a new and unique way. People have compared him to Michael Hedges and Alex de Grassi , but Jon has a style that is entirely his own. When you listen to him play you will wonder where the electronics generating those fantastic loops are. You’ll wonder how he weaves those intricate textures.

You will be awed. Jon has quieted the noisiest room with his musical prowess and even with this description you still won’t believe it when you see him play. Currently, Jon is completing the production of “Physical Therapy”, an album dedicated to Jon’s rediscovery of music after a near crippling injury. He hopes to start work on a second album soon The Care and Feeding of your Guitar Jon Self Strings, picks, bridges and frets; Jon helps you figure out the best way to make your guitar do what you want it to do.

Jon has put work into more than his share of instruments, and will show you how to take care of yours. Jon Self has a unique playing style, based on limitations he faced after nearly losing his left arm.

Bill Thompson – When Are We Goin’ Dating (Rebel GS45-1158/9) [1950’s Houston hillbilly bop]