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In , I wrote that post in response to the Blackout Friday movement that arose from protests in Ferguson, Missouri. This year the protests took place in my own city of Chicago, in response to the Laquan McDonald tapes , which revealed a young man shot 16 times by Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke. Finally after multiple Freedom of Information Act requests , the chilling and horrific video was released 13 months after the fact. On Black Friday, activists took to the Magnificent Mile and blocked access to shops in an act of peaceful protest. This officer was charged with murder, but only after 13 months of fighting for information. The protests yesterday were not only for the fact that Laquan McDonald was murdered by an officer who faced 20 complaints and lawsuits alleging excessive force and use of racial slurs , but for the fact that there appears to have been a month-long coverup of this crime. How can we speak truth to power and have the hope of making some kind of difference, some kind of essential statement that proves that we have value greater than what society seems to perceive? We deserve better from our elected officials who are complicit in this cover up. Blackout Friday is a way to make that statement. That is the intent.

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Fran Gerard, Miss March Photographed by Mario Casilli and Gene Trindl. Generously configured Fran Gerard is a girl for the stars. The specs-sporting young Ms. But the main thing of her is that she is tied right up there with Janet Lupo, Cynthia Myers, etc, for the largest natural breasts ever to be featured in Playboy. Gerard as undisputed mammary queen I am not bothering to list the silicone sweethearts whose plastic racks match the numbers in name only and never rate so high in the eyes of the lord , she has understandably enjoyed long-lasting and tremendous fame in the Playboy world.

Holy chumbuckets, I cannot even imagine the back trouble the girl had to have had by age Sorry if that deglamourizes things, but dang. More than just a pretty face hovering over likely-uncomfortably-giant knockers, Ms. And great taste in music! Our plenipotent Playmate is as versant with combos as with cosmos: Fran credits another favorite, a book, with being the source of all this happiness and satisfaction. It helps you to think positively.

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The steps to buying rental property, however, are not that drastically different from buying your own home, with a few important differences. This article is going to explain step by step how to buy a rental property and begin your entrance into real estate investing. If you want to learn everything you need to know about investing in rental properties, click here to pick up The Book on Rental Property Investing and The Book on Managing Rental Properties. Okay… back to the post!

Navigating the legal and financial considerations of an eviction can be tricky, even for the most experienced landlords. However, your first step begins long before ever stepping foot into a house.

Jupiter Pl, Gardena, CA is a sq ft 3 bed, bath home sold in Gardena, California.

The Energy You Want If you live in California, you can choose to power your home with a variety of energy types, including wind and solar. The Right to Pay Less for Power Many states, including California, give residents the power to choose their energy providers. This energy deregulation allows you to compare rates and choose the type of energy you want in your home. Call now to learn your options.

Customer Satisfaction Your satisfaction is our 1 concern. If you aren’t totally satisfied with our services, please let us know. Energy Deregulation is Good for the Environment One of the best advantages of living in an energy deregulated state is the number of options you have for receiving your electric utilities from renewable energy sources. Electricity providers in Gardena understand how important finding renewable energy sources are, both to their customers and to the environment.

Sadly, in states that don’t have deregulated energy, there is less of a push towards renewable energy because there is no market competition driving electricity providers to find sustainable and affordable energy sources. In deregulated energy states, on the other hand, every electric company is looking for new ways to make their Gardena electric utilities more affordable, cleaner, and more sustainable.

This is one of the benefits of free market competition, and it is already benefiting the environment.

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After much of the Black Panther power base was eliminated during the tumultuous s, and as other social and political groups became ineffective agents for social change in Los Angeles, Washington, who was too young to participate in the Panther movement during the s, but absorbed much of the rhetoric of community control of neighborhoods Baker , p. In addition to emulating the Panther appearance, Washington also admired an older gang that remained active throughout the s called the Avenues, led by Craig and Robert Munson.

He decided to name his new organization the Baby Avenues aka Avenue Cribs to represent a new generation of youths. Washington got together a few other friends near his 76th Street home near Fremont High School.

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River and lastly a couple of not entirely successful attempts at Los Angeles River Humor: Day two had plenty of informative speakers — a bit more focused, less broad than day one. Irma Munoz, of Mujeres de la Tierra , spoke on doing real community engagement, not just minority outreach. I will try to get my hands on this and share it soon on this blog. Lorenzato spoke about how climate change is shifting how we look at watershed management.

I will try to track this study down and blog on it, too gotta keep a list of the promises I make here. The day ended with a media panel: The maps on the left show how the course of the San Gabriel River has changed over time. The best informal aspects of conferences being those times where I get to catch up with many of the other creek freaks from throughout the southland.

Act now as these links tend to get kinda stale kinda quickly. The parcel is located between 6th and 7th Streets on the west side of downtown Long Beach. Urban River Hippos, too?: Layers of Cornfield History: California Coastal Clean-up Day takes place this Saturday September 20th from 9am to 12noon at beaches, parks, creeks and rivers near you.

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Press and hold the To activate: Press and hold the For vehicles with Navigation system: Move the lever to the following positions to operate the windshield wipers:

Wood-carving examples of the first eleven centuries of CE are rare due to the fact that wood do decay easily in 1, years. The carved panels of the main doors of St Sabina on the Aventine Hill, Rome, are very interesting specimens of early Christian relief sculpture in wood, dating, as the dresses show, from the 5th doors are made up of a large number of small square panels, each.

What can we help you with Garden hose Instructions Care and Use of Hoses By following these simple tips you can ensure every hose has a long and productive life in the garden: New Hoses Our hoses are manufactured from premium grade PVC and can develop a memory which means they will try to reform the coil they have been shaped into during the packaging process. If this memory is not removed, it can cause knots and kinks to develop.

Connect one end of the hose to the tap Stretch the other end out from the tap preferably in a straight line Close off the nozzle or gun on the end of the hose so water cannot escape Turn on the tap and fill hose with water then turn off the tap Leave the hose for up to 2 days depending on weather conditions in the sun filled with water This should remove any memory from the hose and make it easier to handle. We recommend you store the hose either on a hose reel or in large loops on a hook.

Turn off the tap Take hold of the hose a few metres from the tap connector Bend a large loop, using about 1 metre of hose Moving 30 — 40cm further away from the tap, form another loop and stack it on top of the first loop Repeat until the entire hose is coiled NB: We recommends the use of a hose reel or stowaway for proper storage of your hose and fittings. Caring for Hoses and Fittings Taking time to properly coil and uncoil a hose will not only extend its life but will ensure its original performance characteristics remain intact.

There are a few other steps which can also be taken to ensure you get the best from the garden hose:


Silent Partner In business, a silent partner is someone who provides the capital but is not involved in the daily operations of the business. In the bedroom, a silent partner is one who is actively participating in the sexual encounter without any vocal or verbal utterances. What is it that we want to hear during sex anyway? In romance novels, there are various vocal sounds erotic sighs, moans, groans, and screams … and a variety of verbal utterances complementing, encouraging, directing, and demanding ….

In porn depending on the type and the quality , there are more vocal sounds rather than verbal utterances.

THIRD PARTY TRANSPORTATION PROVIDERS – *Get Company: Location (sort by location): Description: details (open) Louisville, KY Our Tech, Your Trucks · Free Quick Pay · Make Offe.

Come feel the healing vibrations at the B. Working closely with top California vendors, BEACH Center offers finely cultivated medicinal marijuana products in their welcoming, safe, and professional dispensary environment. BEACH Center originally opened their dispensary doors in , founded by a team of cannabis advocates who had witnessed in their lives the incredible medical potential of marijuana treatment.

The founders knew they needed to join the medical marijuana movement, inspired by its potential to help change the lives of patients across South Bay and throughout California. In , they hope to expand their professional cannabis service to the recreational market, while maintaining their integrity and commitment to Staff: Prioritizing their customers, BEACH Center takes special care to form relationships with their patients and focus on their medical needs.

They serve nearly 10, patients each month with the same commitment to excellence, always offering a friendly hand when needed or getting patients in and out when they know what kind of cannabis they want. BEACH Center strives to simplify the process of obtaining necessary marijuana medicine and makes every effort to provide a safe, spacious and welcoming environment for patients to find the cannabis relief they seek.

With hundreds of items including flower, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, high-CBD, pre-rolls and more, BEACH Center caters to a variety of cannabis tastes and medical conditions. In addition to their marijuana selection, their dispensary provides a modest sampling of glass pipes, rolling papers, and other accessories. Their South Bay facility encourages curious customers to call or email with any questions, and their dispensary provides ample parking for patrons with an advanced ordering option.

Conveniently centered in Gardena and the South Bay with easy access from both the and freeways.


He plays video games, I go big-game hunting. He wears athletic shoes, I wear boots. What we have in common is that we love to race.

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Page 7 5 minutes, and repeat the lighting procedure. Cycle time for timer is around 15 minutes. If the timer is not reset within around 15 minutes, the burner will shut OFF automatically. If this occurs, please follow lighting instructions and continue to cook. Page 8 To remove the above obstructions, use an accessory flexible venture brush or bend a small hook on one end of a long flexible wire such as the one in small picture. Inspect and clean the burner if needed.

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They are well-known for their brutal reputation with over active members. One girl was shot fifteen times, and the other girl was shot eight times, they both died of their gunshot wounds. The members were sentenced to life in prison. On April 29, , the police officers who were involved in the Rodney King beating, were found not guilty. The black community was outraged by this verdict, especially the Eight Trays. Which, resulted in the brutal beating of Reginald O Denny the gang members are captured on videotape pulling Denny from his wheeler.

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Unleashed energy that was bound for a season, frozen still. Now it is rushing towards the sea for another cycle. My 24th full ice climbing season has passed. I remember the dawn of the season back in November in the Rockies, the chase during the following months for the frozen element and its fading at the end of march Luckily I found with Ski Alpinism again a remedy to accept the flux of an universe. I breathe the flux and start to ski up towards the night with the hope for another dawn. A breeze is blowing from the starry sky.

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