History, types and materials[ edit ] Early history and traditional dolls[ edit ] A typical Egyptian paddle doll from — BC The earliest dolls were made from available materials such as clay , stone, wood , bone , ivory , leather , or wax. Archaeological evidence places dolls as the foremost candidate for the oldest known toy. Wooden paddle dolls have been found in Egyptian tombs dating to as early as the 21st century BC. Archaeologists have discovered Greek dolls made of clay and articulated at the hips and shoulders. Dolls have been found in the graves of Roman children. Like children today, the younger members of Roman civilization would have dressed their dolls according to the latest fashions. In Greece and Rome, it was customary for boys to dedicate their toys to the gods when they reached puberty and for girls to dedicate their toys to the goddesses when they married.

Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane Stabbed Her Prom Date In The Chest With A Boutonniere

With over 20 Million users and a huge community, SmallWorlds allows you to explore the world from a whole new perspective. It actually offers you ultimate freedom to do whatever you want to do like go hang out with like-minded people, interact socially, make new friends, build and craft thing you like, party with friends and trade for the items and enjoy your life in a virtual world full of colors and opportunities.

SmallWorlds also offers a unique functionality that allows you to enjoy other integrated sites as well. For example if you want to watch videos, you just need to go to Youtube. SmallWorlds offers Gold and Silver membership for paying and Free players respectively and allows you to enjoy just the way you like.

Stardoll is a web site of educational games, and is based on the concept of paper dolls.

Click on start a club. It could be a type of animal, book, or even a website! Create the club with a suitable name for the topic you want to make it about. Call it something memorable. There’s no annoying ‘x’s or random dots. Public clubs automatically accepts all interested members, while private clubs allow you to decide on memberships through a case-by-case basis. You can share this responsibility with your Club managers.

Choose a logo for the Club; choose a picture for Club; choose category tags so people can search for your Club. After submitting an image, it may take days to be accepted and might be rejected but don’t get discouraged and try again with a different picture in a few days. You’re helping people by reading wikiHow wikiHow’s mission is to help people learn, and we really hope this article helped you.

Now you are helping others, just by visiting wikiHow. Direct Relief is a humanitarian nonprofit with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty and emergencies.

Twin Sisters Dress Up

My Candy Love is a dating and flirting game that is based on the Japanese dating simulation genre otome. As such the game appeals to girls of varying ages and with multiple partners to pursue there is something for everyone. My Candy Love lets players enjoy a number of scripted scenes and scenarios while making decisions that impact romantic relationships with the characters within the game.

Which character you pursue a relationship with is completely up to you, meaning the outcome in your game can be entirely different to someone else.

For the Instagirls, Halloween is a perfect opportunity to touch base with their fans. In the fashion game Instagirls Halloween Dress Up, you can help your Instagram celebrity use her blogging budget to buy some Halloween

Are you stuck at home, or feel shy about going out on your own to meet new people? The internet is a great place to shake off your shyness, meet new people from around the world, and form friendships with people who share your interests and passions. Just like when you walk in the door of a social event, you want to get a feel for the place and how the people are interacting.

You can tell from the comment conversations if these people will be ones you can relate to or not. You can do a little research about websites by reading reviews or reading on the website itself to see if you think it would be a good match for your personality. The easiest place to start is identifying others who share your interests. If you see a comment someone left about how much they love soccer or baking, and you love that thing too, you may want to pursue friendship with that person.

You can also copy and paste their name somewhere on your computer or write it down so that you can message them later when you feel more comfortable. Creating a username that you can use across all the websites is useful for this. You may have to tweak the name for different sites, but in general the similar name will prevent you from getting confused.

If a website already has a user with the name you picked out, adding a number, letter, or special character can usually allow you to still the use the name. Use a different password for each site to protect your identity. This way others will see your interests and may contact you first.

Doll Maker Games

Users have the ability to create patterns, add shapes, textures and even change colours. It has become a very popular aspect of Stardoll and many users have made names of themselves as top designers. Becoming a top designer is achievable through voting on the Hottest Design page. This new feature provided users with the opportunity to design and sell their clothes, which many saw as the beginning of fashion designers.

During its release, StarDesign Fashion was incredibly basic and didn’t allow for much creativity, as there were a select amount of shapes, colours and templates to choose from.

Inspiration for the group’s songs comes directly from the boys’personal experiences–from the highs and lows of dating to being onthe road to having been given .

Hay there it’s me SimGuru ! Sorry for not posting, but something happened and I wanted 2 post it straight away to the Shameful Side Of Stardoll! She will be posting from Wednesday on the Shameful Side. And, I will post the inactivation of the club lezbiens and mrshoranBling’s deletion. Here is the proof. This is the most unexpected thing happened to loser a few mins ago. Searched for her, and saw the mystery symbol, before she pressed it, she captured the deletion of mrshoranBling and then she pressed it.

She has pressed the mystery symbol like 8 times. And this is the club inactivation. So she joined this kind of stuff this club has, and a few hours ago it got inactivated. Remember the scandal of the club WeStaySwaggin in June? Both the owner, who is PreachersKid- and the club got inactivated, but another scandal I have to post a couple days later is the inactivation of the club Talking. Angela, but CinnabonLover, who is a superstar, did not get inactivated, but she is active.

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Just what I needed, the perfect chill yummy food birthday!!!! Celebrity make-up artist Joyce Bonelli, who is also a close friend of Kim’s, shared this snap of Kendall during the party Meanwhile, Kourtney, who welcomed her third child, son Reign Disick, last December. Kim gushed on Instagram about her experience, taking time to thank her husband Kanye West Kourt’s younger sister Kylie joined the playful picture too but opted to put the padding on her posterior instead, looking extra bootylicious.

Kim is expecting her second child.

Welcome to , largest gaming social community on the net. With over 20, games to play, you should never get bored again. We add new games like Dress Up Austin Mahone every day. Play games, rate them, post comments, add them to your .

Violetta season 1 Violetta Castillo is a teenage girl who is unaware of her very special talent for singing. Blinded by sadness, he decides to keep her past and her mother’s fate from Violetta, worried that she might follow in her footsteps. After the accident, they both moved to Madrid and he raised her alone, with hardly any contact with other children of her age.

Everything changes when they return to their homeland in Buenos Aires. There, Violetta starts taking piano lessons at ‘Studio 21’ later On Beat Studio , a prestigious music school. Violetta has never agreed with this and always argues with Jade. Later, Jade discovers that Violetta’s secretly studying music in Studio 21, and makes Machiavellian dealings with her: Ludmila continues to be an unkind and glamorous girl who does everything to get what she wants: Marco does everything to date Francesca, who doesn’t know what she feels for him.

Camila and Broduey start the season fighting, but end up friends,Camila meets DJ and he liked her,but he left. Camila and Maxi kissed but didn’t feel anything, Sebas Rock Bones comes and they fell in love, until they get together at the end. Naty, Ludmila’s best friend, and Maxi,also split up at first, but come back in full force.

Stardoll’s Virtual World Reaches 10 Million Members

It is focused on Paper Doll Concept. The game is mainly targeted at girls over the age 7, though male members of certain ages are also permitted in the game world. The game lets you dress up dolls using a wide range of cloths, other items and gadgets and it lets you take part in various interactive activities, depending on the type of your account. You are able to create and customize your own online avatar with the help of all the given choices such as clothes, accessories, and gadgets and you can also be able to explore the world in order to get familiar with it.

You can also interact with other online players, hang out with like-minded people, make new friends, and play games together.

Aug 28,  · Stardoll, the virtual paper doll social network, has reached a milestone with the registration of 10 million members. Reported by comScore .

Brittany is a self-proclaimed gaming addict! Her favourite genres are simulation, RPG, fashion, adventure, puzzle, and city-builders. It can be hard to tell the fun, in-depth games from the basic, “drag-and-drop an outfit on a doll”-type game just from looking at the icons or game descriptions. As a big fan of fashion and dress-up games, I’ve downloaded and tried nearly all of them at one point or another, and have found the ones I truly think are the best of the bunch.

It allows you to dress up models of different sizes, shapes, and skin tones. You can customise their hair and makeup and of course, their clothes. The unique thing about Covet Fashion is that is uses clothing and accessories from real-life fashion brands, so if you’re a fan of fashion, you’ll really enjoy this game! The game gives you different themed challenges with special requirements to dress up your model, with the option to win prizes of in-game currency and rare clothing items.

The game has a HUGE variety of clothes to choose from for your models and new pieces are added daily, with seasonal refreshes four times a year. The game is mainly based around dressing up the titular character Nikki, but there’s more to it than meets the eye! There’s a main story which is fully voice acted , that you can play through, but there’s also free-dressing and competitions, special arenas were you play off against other players, a variety of stores where you can purchase clothing to complete Nikki’s huge wardrobe, and special time-limited events in the game which run every few weeks!

Stardoll Stylista Stardoll Stylista is a mobile spin-off of the popular web-based dress-up site, Stardoll.

Stardoll’s Virtual World Reaches 10 Million Members

See our updated list and insights into all the best virtual worlds, top facebook, social, time management, and life simulation games for girls, from kids and tweens, to teenagers and adults. Create your own avatars, try our new people and avatar creators, or try out the latest cool 3d virtual world chat sites. You can also find out how to design your very own 3d characters!

Play free online Dress Up Games for Girls at The best and funniest free online Autumn Dress Up Games for Girls which are safe to play! here are seven wonders of the dating world! Play. Love All Around The World. Played times. The world is full of cute boys to date but it’s so hard to pick which one. Play.

Episode Episode — Choose Your Story is a popular app for both Android and iOS devices that allows you to be part of an interactive story line. With a large collection of short stories in multiple genres there is something for everyone. From stories on the college campus to proposals, paths to stardom and fantasy adventures the series of illustrative adventures on the Episode app are constantly changing. Depending on the story players will be able to play as multiple characters, customise their visual appearance and alter it further with a range of clothing options.

One thing that is consistent between the stories though is the ability to choose the direction the story takes with multiple choices available to players from beginning to end it is easy to have two completely separate endings from different playthroughs. The popularity of Episode stems not only from the large list of genres and the constantly changing stories but also the community which is encouraged to write their own stories for others to experience.

If you love constantly having a new adventure before you and want to be making the decisions behind that adventure this list of other games like Episode — Choose Your Story for various platforms will serve you well. Games Like Episode Lady Popular Lady Popular gives you complete control of your own life as you battle it out in the fashion arena, decorate your apartment, juggle a boyfriend and so much more. Starting out in Lady Popular yo

Jonas Brothers Stardoll

Daughter of Dracula AGE: And not just for a vampire — for any monster. She was raised by her doting father, Dracula, and he could be totes strict, but they always had fun — especially when he taught her how to fly — and she maintained cheerful outlook on unlife. Together — but alone — they lived in a mansion on the hill overlooking Normie Town. Draculaura loved her father, but really wanted friends her own age.

Zac Efron lives in California in the United States.. Camarillo Street, North Hollywood, CA – unit number withheld intentionally. Don’t know if the address is correct for Efron’s former.

By Lori Soard Even though the Internet is full of cool websites, it can be boring if you don’t know where to look. Teens who wish to add more entertainment to their online activity can find a large selection of social networking websites, places to play games and other sites based on their interests. Great websites can alleviate boredom and make online interactions fast and simple. Sites for Girls While there are lots of websites for teens, sometimes teen girls want to connect with other girls.

These websites give girls a place to learn and talk about female health issues, relationships and subjects that most teen boys would run from. Department of Health and Human Services, Girlshealth. In addition to articles on health, fitness and nutrition, girls will also find quizzes, celebrity spotlights and videos with tips on topics such as bullying, relationships and planning for the future. Girl Zone Girls looking for a place to hang out online will enjoy Girl Zone , a website designed to provide advice, entertainment and fun for teen girls.